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Becoming a morning person

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

In a conversation today I spoke with two friends about feeling a little sluggish. Not even sluggish, maybe just slow but even slow sounds too harsh. I guess the word would be gentle, I felt the need to be gentle to myself. It was just a feeling within and they both agreed that they too were experiencing a shift in their bodies and minds.

This is not unusual as we enter into autumn we often experience a feeling of slowing down.

If you are an early bird like myself you will have noticed the sunrise has been delayed and the mornings are definitely a bit chillier. As we move into this new phase I think it is important to accept the change upon us because it is truly a great opportunity to let release from the old energy of the season past and move to a time of self-reflection.

This by no means is to be interpreted as an excuse to hibernate under the covers. In fact if you have already done the groundwork over the spring and summer months and likely have developed a strong regular yoga practice or gym workout then it makes sense to continue your routine into the winter months. And if you are new to early morning workouts now is a great time to take those tentative steps in creating a habit that will benefit you physically and mentally. Modifying and adjusting your routine will ensure that you will nourish your body and mind when you need it most.

So as I’ve already said I am an early bird, partly I love being up before anyone else and partly I teach early morning classes, so I thought I would share my tips with you on how to stick with your early morning practice/workout because it is an amazing way to start your day.

Hope you enjoy them and they are of some use.

Start your day the night before. When you are going to bed visualise your morning. Tell yourself quite matter of fact that you are getting up for an early workout. Visualise the time in your head. Whenever I do this I wake up one minute before the alarm. Seriously it’s the coolest thing! My body knows what it needs before I do.

Keep your alarm away from your bed. This is pretty obvious, we all know that it just takes a moment to switch of that alarm and roll over. If you have to step out of the bed to get the alarm the hardest part of your day is over. Now all you have to do is get in the shower.

Get in the shower. I cannot think straight let alone take a class without one. If I am feeling really brave I will turn the shower cold for the last minute. You certainly feel alive and kicking after that and I once read in a magazine that it makes your hair shiny but I am not so sure about that one.

Have your workout gear prepped from the night before. It takes me 22 minutes to get from my bed to my car, maybe you can do it quicker but I’m rather proud of my efficient time keeping on this one.

Workout with friends. If they are really good friends you know that you will never hear the end of it if you let them down. So for the sake of keeping them quiet just get out that door.

Treat yourself. After a workout/class I like treat myself to a really good coffee, it tastes unreal at 8am. At that time of the morning the air is also fresher, that Dublin sky always looks so beautiful and I keep smiling at strangers or maybe it’s just all those wonderful endorphins kicking in.

Make it a habit. Because habits are hard to break

Let us know here in The Gym your tips on maintaining your workout in the darker months.

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