I am really excited you are here and to share with you what I love to do.  So first off let's start with a little bit about me.


My name is Susie and work full time as Yoga teacher in Dublin.  I also teach in Pilates and Barre and will be forever indebted to the wisdom and precision of a balance in strength and stability in both of these disciplines. 

My practice and teachings are deeply rooted in cultivating a movement practice within a mindful and soft watchful approach.  This is my passion and I love to teach movement and breathe work with grace and appreciation for the body, community and environment we move around in.

When I'm not teaching or practicing or learning from the art of this practice I'm listening to music, absorbed in a jigsaw (new obsession), driving out of the city to find some green, complaining about being cold or looking for adventures further a far.


But I am at my most content when I move my body in the name of joy.  From a young age I learnt the ability to understand my world through the expression of dance.  Whether it was from the energy of joy, pleasure, loss or sadness.  It taught me to process and communicate to myself and to the world around me.


Now I find myself with this desire to help others love and care for their bodies through mastering a mindful movement and exploration. I want to teach you how to access and develop the natural essence of your movement.  Through this practice we influence and promote movement efficiency, health and positivity into our lives encouraging greater health and happiness and a joyful life on and off the mat.