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ABOUT OUR PRACTICE Each class moves in a smooth choreographed flow, aligning breath with asana.  Often considered the dynamic style of yoga, we focus on linking breath with movement in Vinyasa.  But there is so much more to this method than moving at the pace of your breath.  My classes promote movement efficiency with greater ease and a multi-directional flow to improve proprioception, interoception and spontaneous complex natural movement.  This practice can become a moving meditation through intelligent sequencing, mindful alignment, and intentional transitions.   Students flow through a sequence of poses continuously and fluidly, synchronised with the inhales and exhales of the breath.  Alignment and balanced energy flow are consistent points of focus in all of my classes to inspire strength & conditioning, and flexibility in the body.   Strength is acquired through this practice, initially discovered in the physical body, but you begin to recognise this vitality and power in your heart and mind.    I am excited to share my experience with you and hope to see you in class soon.  


Dublin, Ireland.

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